Thursday, August 19, 2004

Earth is doomed!!!

According to CNN, European winters may vanish by 2080!!! Heat waves and floods!!! Rising sea levels will sink half of the Netherlands! The Swiss Alps will melt!!! Droughts!!! Heat waves!!!

Or, if you're not worked up enough about the EXCRUCIATING HEAT of GLOBAL WARMING, then maybe you should direct your panic at the upcoming repeat of another Little Ice Age!!!

I'm surprised. Usually these types of doomsday scenarios are predicted so far out that no one living today will really know if it happens or not. With this one, I'll be able to hyper-mail CNN 76 years from now to mock them about this ridiculous prophecy.


Blogger Luna C said...

Maybe rather that focusing on the fact that everyone is going to die they should focus on fixing the impending death. Better yet they should really just start questioning their existence. Think about the fact that a good majority of people will be dead by then anyway. I do not understand the fascination with the end of the world really. I rather like to protect myself from the drunken man killing me in the 15-minute drive home than the global warming killing me in so many years. I guess I am being self-centered though. I should think about everyone else dying, I am sure that would be better.

11:36 PM, August 19, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah but in 80 years, my children and grandchildren may still be alive. But since I don't have any yet, it doesn't bother me as much as it probably should.

3:30 AM, August 20, 2004  
Blogger ninjanun said...

*sigh* check out Creation Care They have an excellent site on our responsibility as Christians to be good stewards of this planet.

10:07 AM, August 20, 2004  
Blogger Skor Grimm said...

When did I ever say we shouldn't be good stewards of God's gift of Creation? (Hint - I didn't.) I am making fun of ridiculous doomsday prophesies, that's all. Running around worrying about Global Warming or a Little Ice Age is not the same as taking care of Creation.

11:06 AM, August 20, 2004  
Blogger ninjanun said...

My comment was directed more at "Anonymous." The sigh was because so many Christians (not necessarily you) don't care about the environment at all, using that whole, "well-Jesus-will-probably-come-back-before-we-totally-screw-up-His-planet-anyway" justification.

11:00 PM, August 21, 2004  
Blogger ninjanun said...

Oh, and my last comment was not meant to imply that anonymous felt that way either; I offered the site because she (he?) admitted she didn't care as much as she should, so i thought the Creation Care site might inspire her with more reasons why she should care right now, and not just for her (future possible) children's sake.

12:45 AM, August 22, 2004  
Blogger Skor Grimm said...

Fair enough. I apologize for taking it wrongly. I jumped to a wrong conclusion after reading it. I agree with you on this.

8:20 PM, August 22, 2004  
Blogger Rachel said...

Wow what a hot topic-seems people are getting a bit testy here.... Ohh...

4:27 PM, August 24, 2004  

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