Friday, August 20, 2004

Road trip!

I think that it's time for a road trip. What is there not to love about a road trip? Spending hours at a time crammed into a high-speed tin can is my kind of fun. Spewing out noxious fumes as I cruse the hills and plains, all the while thinning my wallet by cashing out for gasoline every 300 miles. Seriously, how can you not enjoy road trips? I think I'll go see the world's largest twine ball, or maybe The Old Man of the Mountain. Whoops, maybe not.

Have you ever played any road trip games? My favorite is the one where everyone in the car rolls down their windows and JUMPS OUT while the car is going at 70mph. That one is great. Or, have you tried the one where you take turns seeing how long you can keep your eyes closed while driving? Good times. One more--Try trading clothes with the person next to you--without using your hands!

Well anyway, a road trip would be fun.


Blogger fake50 said...

well it seems that we are the only people who comment on each others site. well then ...

4:04 PM, August 20, 2004  

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