Friday, August 20, 2004

Sowing the seeds of randomness

Thanks to Blogger, I have a new hobby. With the lovely toolbar at the top, I can just click "Next Blog" and I am instantly transported to a random stranger's ramblings. What a perfect opportunity to sow some randomness. You may even be reading this because I graced your pages with my strangeness. Depending on my mood, I may leave a glib remark, a keen insight, perhaps just some lorem ipsum, or if I'm feeling particularly devious, maybe a random complaint. In any case, it may not make much sense to you, but it amuses me, and that's what's important to... well... me!

You should try it yourself some time. It's really quite refreshing and amusing.


Blogger Red Clover said...

Insomnia, friend or foe? I personally adore the random pursuit of Next Blog. What better way to wile away the hours the rest of the world sleeps.

12:56 AM, August 22, 2004  

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