Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Tips for not wasting piles of cash

The Seattle Times today has a list of 20 ways to save $2,000 by the holidays. The only problem with this list, is that the "tips" that they give out would only be useful if you waste huge piles of money every week! Do normal people really order a pizza with 4 toppings every week? Or spend $15 a week on fresh flowers? Do they wash their car every month, and plunk down an extra $10 on an interior vacuuming? And who the heck eats grapefruits every morning for breakfast?

Being that this is Seattle, I think the only one of these that is really useful is #17 - Skip the daily $3 coffee. But hey, if you do all those other things, and you don't have the money you wish you did for things like holiday spending, you should cut that junk out. Perhaps the article should have been called "20 ways to reassess your financial priorities."


Blogger Erica said...

Thank you and Amen.

10:00 AM, September 09, 2004  

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