Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Some people need to go get an ice cream sandwich.

Some people have complained that Skor ONLY posts thoughtful comments with regard to political discussions. Some people are annoyed by "cryptic" (their word, not Skor's) remarks and posts that Skor makes. For some people, if you don't give your REAL name, number, and home address, your voice is not worth listening to. Even when you make every attempt to be polite and respectful while disagreeing, some people will get upset simply because you disagree.

Some people choose to be anonymous on the Internet. Skor Grimm chooses to be "anonymous" on the Internet. Is an anonymous person less of a person? Some people think so.

Some people have accused Skor of being "only concerned with being right." And yet, Skor's offer to read an entire book espousing a viewpoint contrary to his own was turned down, ignored. Some people confuse a spirited, respectful exchange of ideas with "having to be right."

Some people think that Skor has "derided them" for "opening up about their life and being vulnerable." If some people would like to point out even one particular instance in which Skor has made personal attacks or derided someone's character, they are welcome to do so. Skor does his best to disagree respectfully, without letting emotions get in the way, and addressing the argument, not the person making it. But that is not enough for some people.

Which is too bad.


Blogger glitchus said...

There's a lot to be said for being anonymous. I opposed a bunch of liberals on a local site over an incident where they harassed a wounded Iraqi war veteran during our Fourth of July parade (I wasn’t even using coarse language or being threatening.) You should have seen their pathetically awful and vengeful replies (full of all of the language that I thought would be civil to leave out.) Then I made the big mistake of using my real name and military email address just to show them how up front I was about this (it used to be my community too) and all I’ve gotten ever since is tons of every conceivable type of ever-changing Spam you could ever have believed. I keep blocking and reporting it but it still comes through. At least I know that I must have really pissed a lot of the so-called “tolerant” crap-bags for them to waste their time spamming me. By the way, would you be interested in being the sole inheritor of a “multi-million dollar estate in India?” Have I got a “business deal” for you!!!

6:26 PM, January 20, 2005  

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