Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ask Skor: Turning Down an Invite?

Dear Skor,

What's so great about Halloween? Every year when this "holiday" comes around I find myself less and less enthused about all the orange and black and the witches and ghosts. This year my friends have invited me to a costume party, but just the thought of going makes my tongue swell up. How do I tell them that Halloween makes me want to file my lips off?

Omaha, NE
Hi Judy,

Whoa there, don't you think you're being a bit dramatic? I think that if you thought about it a little more, you would realize that your lips are more important to you than avoiding a little Halloween revelry. Personally, I wouldn't let my lips go for less than three dozen crates of cream puffs. Mmm... Cream puffs... Anyway. About Halloween. Here's what I would do. Tell your friend that you're not busy that night, but unfortunately you're allergic to the color combination of orange and black. Piece of cake. Allergies are the little-known escape plan to any undesirable social situation. "I'm washing my hair" is highly overused, but "I'm allergic" is an easy out every time. And of course, if that doesn't work, there's always the old standby, profess your undying love, and plant a big wet one right on their lips.

Glad to be of service,



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