Monday, November 29, 2004

Compy Knows All

Finally a computer that can read your mind. Well, it can detect lies anyway. Supposedly. I'm not so sure how much I really trust a test sample of a whopping nine people, but I know I want it to be true. Think of the possibilities. The article quotes a Dr. Scott Faro:
Using fMRI as a lie detector is expensive, but it may be worthwhile in some cases -- such as trying to question a terrorism suspect, or in a high-profile corporate crime case.
I think he fails to mention the most revolutionary use of this new technology: Politicians. What would a world where politicians always have to tell the truth even look like? Well, for starters, these guys would have to find new jobs. Other than that, I guess we can only dream. I just hope that my dreams don't have Jim Carrey anywhere in them.



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