Saturday, November 13, 2004

Dangerous Little Kid

Those crazy Floridians. Police in Miami yesterday Tasered a six-year-old boy. They defended their use of it, by saying that using the Taser stopped the boy from getting hurt.
"By using the Taser, we were able to stop the situation, stop him from hurting himself," police spokesman Juan DelCastillo told The Miami Herald.
Because I'm sure that a Taser doesn't hurt at all. It feels wonderful, in fact. Okay, okay, so the kid was brandishing a highly dangerous piece of picture frame glass. Still, "Tasered him to stop him from getting hurt" just sounds funny, no? And what was the school principal thinking, anyway, having a picture frame in her office? That's just asking for trouble. They shouldn't keep anything in there that could hurt a child. Every room in the school should look like this.


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