Tuesday, November 16, 2004

eBay vs JesusLand

In yet another example of our nation's steady decent into police state theocracy, eBay recently pulled, then reinstated an auction for a Virgin Mary sandwich. Clearly someone at eBay is a big Michael Moore fan, and wanted to join the righteous fight (pun intended) against the rise of JesusLand. Thus, they pulled the auction.

But alas, someone in the Bush administration was clearly not happy with this. A mere day after the auction was pulled from their site, eBay mysteriously recanted, and decided to allow the auction back on. Obviously someone in the White House is pulling strings. And what a coincidence that the auction is a private auction! That way Bush officials can secretly bid up the sacred cheese sandwich and no one can ever know!

It really is sad that people will pay thousands of dollars for a cheese sandwich, honestly believing that it somehow has spiritual power. Sad and funny, at the same time.


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