Thursday, November 11, 2004

Gahh, I hate being wrong!

Did I say wrong? Scratch that, I'm not wrong. I just hate it when someone confronts me and tries to get me to back up my views! Listen, people. I don't base my beliefs on actual logical thought, okay? I don't so much use reason to come to my beliefs, as raw emotion. Don't try to wave "reality" in front of me. It just gets in the way of what I feel, all right? Geez.

You should really try to be more understanding of the way I feel. Don't ask me questions, or try to get me to explain things. If you do, I'll just ignore you or accuse you of calling me names or spewing hate. I make every effort to avoid having to apply any sort of actual thought to what I believe, and I don't appreciate you trying to drag me into a logical conversation.

So just stop.


Anonymous Carl said...

Using an identity that is anonymous, your feelings are generally considered secondary. Celebrities (who unfotunately have no sense of feeling at all) are generally greeted with a better response for expressing their so-called feelings, however I just give them a dull gaze.

Heres one user who appreciates your feelings that are expressed; If I wanted logic I'd go back to reading Discrete Structures.

8:58 PM, February 16, 2006  

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