Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Gone for Thanksgiving

Like many other people, Skor has a family. Also like many others, Skor will be spending Thanksgiving with a portion of said family. As a result, Skor will be traveling and without Internet access for the next few days. Sad though it is, there will be no posts to this blog during that time.

However, just because there won't be any new posts doesn't mean that you should stop coming here. If you have no family, or perhaps you have family that you just don't care about, and will be spending the next few days reading Internet blogs, I suggest browsing the archives over there --> on the right side of the screen. I am especially sinfully prideful of the posts listed under "Special Notes," so you should definitely read those if you haven't yet.

If you've already read everything on my little blog, I suggest reading it all again. Or, if you just can't stand me, you hate me, or you want to give me a sharp punch in the neck and you don't want to read another word of what I have to say, head over to one of my favorite sites: Cockeyed.com. Mr. Rob has a plethora of material, plenty to keep you busy all week, and in my opinion he is highly underappreciated.

If you're still reading this, I really think you need to go outside or something. I stopped saying anything interesting just after "Gone for Thanksgiving."


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