Friday, November 12, 2004

The Latest Fad: Old-Tyme Baby Making!

I noticed a disturbing trend in the news in the last few days. It is one of the freakiest contests I've ever heard of. There are actually women out there competing to see who can be the oldest to give birth to twins! Aleta St. James set the record this week, at age 56. But Frances Harris is prepared to make that a short-lived record when she gives birth to twins next month at age 59! Also, Mrs. Harris gets bonus points for it being a natural and accidental pregnancy, instead of a twisted science experiment of old lady in vitro fertilization. Not only that, but she thought her tubes were tied!

Of course, it's all still pretty unimpressive compared to Canada's Great Stork Derby of the 1930's, in which a Toronto lawyer bequeathed the bulk of his estate to the "Toronto mother who gave birth to the most children in the ten years immediately following his death." This is not a joke, it really happened.


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