Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Political: Exclusive WA Governor Poll!

In the media coverage of the ever-continuing saga of the Washington State Governor's race, there seems to be one thing sorely lacking: Polls. From late last year up to November 2nd, the whole media was poll-crazy. But why, during all of this recount madness, does no one seem to be asking the people whose votes are being recounted what they think? I've heard rumors that KOMO had a web poll, but who can really trust those, anyway? Why does no Washington media outlet have the guts to find out what the voters want?

Well, Skor has once again filled the gaping hole left by all other media. In a poll of 10,000 (±10k) Washington voters, taken 42 minutes ago, the people spoke their opinion loud and clear. Here are the results:So, there you have it. The will of the people, by the numbers. Since it's my job as an unbiased reporter just to report the numbers, I'll withhold my personal comments from this story. I won't say that Christine Gregoire needs to concede, and quit with the disingenuous rhetoric. That would be unprofessional. So I won't say it.


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