Friday, November 12, 2004

Political: King County: This Year's Florida?

Washington State Democrats, upset that Ohio didn't turn into "this year's Florida," are determined to make sure that at least one electoral contest ends up in the courts this year. Yes, they're set to sue King County to try to win the Governor's race for Christine Gregoire. It seems they're upset that King County may not be counting every vote, including votes from people who aren't registered to vote, people who voted twice, and dogs that voted. You see, King County elections officials have been carefully inspecting the provisional ballots, and have found a number of ballots cast by people who had no legal right to cast a ballot. But every vote should count! And besides, these guys don't seem to get any real satisfaction about anything unless they drag it through the courts.

Little do the Democrats know, of the 25,000 King County provisional ballots left to count, 10,000 were me, casting provisional ballots at every precinct in the county, and stealing absentee ballots from the mail, voting over and over for Dino Rossi. I want to make sure that Gregoire doesn't become our Governor in this election, which she rightfully won. Are you surprised? I told you I was evil.


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