Sunday, November 14, 2004

Unrest in the CIA

According to the Washington Post, top officials at the CIA are unhappy with the Porter Goss' new direction for the agency. It seems that he isn't listening to them enough, nor apparently even at all. Turns out, the only person Goss is taking advice from is Jesus. Yes, as part of the continual decline of this once great country, now even the CIA is under the lead of a Jesus-loving no-brain.

Of course, Goss claims that his methods have other motivations:
At his Senate confirmation hearing Sept. 14, Goss said, "There is too much management at headquarters," which he said was "too bureaucratic" and had "stifled some of the innovation, some of the creativity and, frankly some of the risk-taking in the field."
Those of us who are true patriots know the real truth. This has nothing to do with Mr. Goss going in and trying to fix a broken agency. It has everything to do with him going in and turning the Central Intelligence Agency into the Central Jesus-spreading Agency. He was, after all, installed into this position by George Bush. It's all a part of Bush's (Rove's) master plan to install a theocracy in the USA.


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