Saturday, December 25, 2004

All I want for Christmas...

Do you live in Washington? Do you think that what has been going on here since election day is rather ridiculous? Do you want some real election reform, so that this nonsense never happens again? Well if Ms. Gregoire does indeed end up taking the governorship, you can forget it. Here's what she thinks of this whole mess:
"I think we have been a model to the rest of the nation and the world at large about how an election system, as close as this one is, can be done with the highest of quality ... This is the biggest display of democracy I have ever seen and I am proud of it and I think it's an inspiration."

- Christine Gregoire
I kid you not. This election has been the "highest of quality," she's "proud of it," and it is "an inspiration."

What planet does she live on?

Source: Seattle P-I


Blogger benjar said...

Wow, you're dumb. In other countries they settle this stuff with guns, poison, and intimidation. The fact that lawyers get involved is regrettable, but currently this appears to be the best way to settle these disputes, unless perhaps we should let Lord Arbiter Skor Grimm decide all our important matters for us. Wow, I can't believe I wasted the two miutes it took to post this!

2:54 PM, December 30, 2004  

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