Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Awesomest Guy of December

During this or the last Christmas season, you may have heard of a guy named Alek and his web-controlled *achem* "Christmas" lights. Mr. Alek wins my Awesomest Guy of the month award for December, not because of his web-controlled lights, but because his web-controlled lights were never really web controlled after all. Yes, it was all a big hoax. Pretty darn funny, if you ask me. That is definitely my kind of prank. Pull the wool over the eyes of millions, then come clean and have a good laugh.

Read all about it, and then if you feel like it, go here and cast your vote in a pointless internet poll. It's important to let your voice be heard, after all. Here's the current results, as of this post:
Source: Slashdot


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