Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Washington's Worst Polluter

If you've read today's Seattle Times, then you already know that Washington State has a single source of air pollution that is emitting more noxious gas every day than all of our state's industries combined. Yes, it's Mount Saint Helens, coming in at up to 250 tons of sulfur dioxide. That's over twice the amount (120 tons) than is emitted by all the states industries combined.

As amusing as that is, the Times article goes to great lengths to make it clear that in the global scale of things, humans are much worse polluters than volcanoes:
On a global scale, the difference is even more dramatic, said Gerlach, who often gets calls from power-plant operators and oil-company executives who believe nature is just as responsible for global warming as man. His answer always disappoints them.
Ah yes, and what article about pollution would be complete without the unfounded link to global warming. Because we all just know that if there is global warming, it's definitely being caused by the puny human race. There is of course no evidence whatsoever to indicate that it could just maybe have something to do with the insanely gigantic ball of furiously hot burning gas that our planet orbits. I mean, it's not like any other planets orbiting the same fireball are warming up.

So it must be human-caused. Duh.

Source: Seattle Times


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