Thursday, January 06, 2005

Follow-Up: Naked Pigs in Snohomish

I reported last week on the sad tale of Janelle and Steve Carpenter and their forbidden naked pig mural. I said that I would perhaps try to sneak a picture of this illegal pig art, but I have now discovered that other media outlets beat me to it. So, rather than spend my time repeating what's already been done, I'll just point you to their work. CBS News has the above picture of a portion of the pig mural on their website, and KIRO TV has a short video report that can be viewed on their website. So go ahead and look at the naked pigs, if you want to fill your mind with that kind of filth, that is.

Source: CBS News & KIRO TV
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go figure; The city of Snohomish has signage regulations just like most cities do. The owners didn't follow those rules and are being asked to comply. This has to be the silliest "controversy". BTW have you seen the mural up close? It's terrible. I actually looked at this everyday until they covered it up because I work in the area.

4:54 PM, January 06, 2005  

WOW! Naked pigs on display, what is this world comming to. I live just out side of Chicago,IL. You know, the place where they had the cows on display in dowtown and all over town. I guess it is a good thing that these cows were painted and not left naked. Imagine if a naked human eye, got a glance at an unpainted cow. Someone just might go blind. WOW!

11:48 AM, January 07, 2005  
Blogger Skor Grimm said...

Anonymous, I think you missed my point. My post was not a commentary on signage regulations, but rather on the absurdity of the comment about "naked pigs." Why would one even use the word "naked" to describe an animal, anyway? Of course they're naked. They're animals!

12:03 PM, January 07, 2005  

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