Monday, January 17, 2005

Project CRAP: Week 1 Report

Click here for the explanation of Project CRAP
Box size: 15" wide by 11" tall by 9" deep.
Weight of CRAP: 1.34 lbs
Depth of CRAP: ~1/2"
Pieces of CRAP: 16
LowLight of the Week: Publisher's Clearinghouse wins the LowLight of the Week award, for this ridiculous mailing that looks like an office supply store barfed all over it.
LowLight of Week 1: Publisher's Clearinghouse
Click for a larger version of this week's winner.

Comments: So it begins. Pictured below is the empty box and the box at the end of the first week. This was a short week, due to Saturday, January 1 being a postal holiday, but still we reached 1.34 pounds! If it keeps accumulating at this rate, Skor's initial prediction of fifty pounds is going to be about twenty pounds too light and the current box will overflow with CRAP by week 18.
Empty CRAP Box

CRAP Box at 1 Week

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skor this is awesome, Project CRAP may be the most important study of wasted resources to date. The world is watching and waiting. -- Orb

11:34 PM, January 17, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have spoken to my postman, and though it is a hastle, the junk mail helps pay for our mail system. Postage rates would be far higher with out the CRAP, wait, I think that would be fine. Double the cost of a stamp and have no CRAP. Maybe it will work (evil grin)

4:42 PM, January 18, 2005  
Blogger Theodore Craig said...

I will say that at the end of your study, your boxes (I am guessing you will need more than one) will weight in between 100 to 200 lbs. (As you may guess, I get lots of junk mail or CRAP every week)...

TC - Got Torah? Get Some Today!

4:37 AM, January 20, 2005  

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