Monday, January 24, 2005

Project CRAP: Week 3 Report

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Box size: 15" wide by 11" tall by 9" deep.
Total Weight of CRAP: 2.06 lbs
Depth of CRAP: 1 1/3"
New Pieces of CRAP: 8
Total Pieces of CRAP: 38
LowLight of the Week: Verizon DSL wins the distinguished LowLight award for week 3. This is only partly because their ad can't seem to decide whether it wants to have the "scribbled by a 5-year-old" look (the squiggly black border) or the "sharp and trendy" look (the sharp bold text & flat screen monitors). Additionally, look at the computer on the left. It's the one on the right, horizontally flipped. Which means that the keyboard is now backward. How lazy can you be. But, the main reason they have captured the prize is because of their ridiculous false comparison between their DSL and Comcast cable internet. You see, in addition to the $29.95 a month, you have to pay at least $22 a month for your phone line (that's the local-calls-only "$13/month" service, plus all the taxes and "fees"), thus totaling $52 a month, $10 more than Comcast. That's an important distinction, since so many people have only cell phones or services like Vonage these days.
LowLight of Week 3: Verizon DSL
Click for a larger version of this week's winner.

Comments: This was a strangely quiet week, with an unusually low amount of CRAP. That can partially be attributed to MLK Jr. Day on Monday being a Post holiday, but there were two other days this week when Skor received no CRAP, and indeed no mail at all. Pretty much all Skor got this week were the usual local grocery ads. Odd.
CRAP Box at 3 Weeks

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

First Post!
Only post, I can't be sure. I once used my friends name and addresss to sign him up for junk mail. 3 inches a day, and the mailman was mad. What the hell was his problem.

9:30 PM, January 25, 2005  

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