Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Stupid Things: License Plate Frame

I saw one of those custom license plate frames on my way home yesterday that said this:

Now, I realize that most plate frames are pointless and stupid, but this one wins the prize for the stupidest thing I've seen yet this year (well, not counting the continuing election fiasco in Washington, that is). First off, what in the heck is it supposed to mean? I know what an agate is, but what about them takes up so much time? And why would anyone sitting behind you at a traffic light care? "Oh look, that person doesn't have enough time for all their agates. How unfortunate for them." Um... right.

Secondly, they could have at least gotten the cliché correct. It's "So many _____, so little time." "Not enough time"??? Ouch. As if using clichés to talk about your stupid rocks isn't bad enough, you can't even use them correctly.

But you know, I don't want this post to be entirely negative. People like this actually really give me hope. Hope that one day I will figure out a way to trick them into giving me their money for some stupid product like that plate frame.
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