Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Who the heck cares? Not Skor.

You know who it is...Often on this blog you will find Skor's commentary on current news events. Taking an amusing angle on a boring newspaper article is easy to do and usually results in a rewarding product. However, there is one current event that Skor will not be commenting on. Not now, not ever. In fact, this particular event is so unworthy of recognition that its name will not even be mentioned here. Honestly, why is it such a big deal when every year a bunch of elite big-wigs get together to pat each other on the back and exchange silly little statues? Why oh why should anyone care? What are the conversations in newsrooms like this time of year?
Editor: Here's an idea, let's put O____s coverage on the front page!
Reporter: But, I just spent two months working on this exposé.
Editor: Oh? What's the topic?
Reporter: Local food chain makes their burgers out of pet hamsters.
Editor: Hmm. That's pretty inflammatory. Do you have anything to back it up?
Reporter (lays 3-inch-thick folder on desk): Actually, yes. Not only that, but they're being subsidized by the Mayor, who is laundering money from the city budget.
Editor: That's all well and good, but we've got the O____s! You'll just have to take page D-17.
This is one blog that is taking a stand. Skor says "no." "No" to talking about it, "no" to mocking it, and "no" to even mentioning its name.

So there.
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