Friday, February 04, 2005

Customer Service vs Complete Jerks

Here's a steaming news story for you. Some newscaster in the 55th largest TV market in the country thinks that customer service these days sucks. Exhibit A in his little tirade? A Barnes & Noble café (which serves Starbucks coffee) wouldn't accept his Starbucks gift card. Because John Gray is unable to wrap his mind around the difference between "Starbucks" and "proudly serving Starbucks coffee," he decides to write a column blasting the employees that satisfy his petty creature comforts as "dopey people who have no clue how to do their jobs." Wow, what a jerk. A jerk who has clearly never worked in customer service himself.

Mr. Gray goes on in his column to rail against a place called Mr. Subb (for occasionally being out of "potato nuggets"), fast food joints (for only using one window at the drive through), and chain hardware stores (for being too big). Clearly there is a difference between what is being displayed in Mr. Gray's examples and gross negligence or incompetence, and perhaps if he had any customer service experience of his own he would be a little more understanding. Sometimes crap happens, and it's just not the fault of the person behind the counter.

a complete assMr. Gray also criticizes fast food restaurants for asking you to pull forward out of the drive through, then bringing your food out to your car:
Sometimes they ask you to pull forward and promise to bring it out. Listen to me now. Don't ever pull forward. As long as you are blocking the line, you are holding the entire kitchen hostage. This is America, block the line.
Yes, this is America, where you have an inalienable right to be a complete and utter inconsiderate jerk, putting yourself above all others and making a complete ass of yourself in the process.

I have worked in customer service. At a sandwich shop, in fact. I've dealt with customers like Mr. Gray, and I have a suggestion for him and others like him: Take your business elsewhere. We really get tired of dealing with jerks like you.

You would think, if John Gray experiences "terrible customer service" everywhere he goes, maybe he would start to wonder if maybe he is the problem. Someone please hit this man over the head with a clue-by-four.

Source: Troy Record via Starbucks Gossip, Seattle Times
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