Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Everett Unveils Boring But Cleverly-Titled Future Plans

A number of interesting things are revealed in today's Everett Herald, not the least of which is that the city of Everett employs something called a "city vision team," which includes thirty-two people. While the Herald did not indicate how much taxpayer money the vision team is paid, it did point out that this crucial component of city government just released an important "study." Given the clever title "Vision 2025," the study is the vision team's, um... vision of what Everett will (or should) look like in the year... you guessed it... 2025.

Robots...of the FUTURE!Personally, I find their "vision" to be sorely lacking. Key components of Vision 2025 include: "Light rail, high-speed passenger ferries to Seattle, an arts district and a four-year university." Wow, thrill-a-minute there. Where are the flying cars, the hovering robot armies, and the androids with Genuine People Personalities? Mayor Ray Stephanson has vowed to take action to bring the yawn-inducing Vision 2025 to fruition. Way to step out on the edge there, Mr. Mayor.

So what do the "vision team members" have to say for their uninspiring Vision 2025? Janet Prichard, a vision team member explained one portion of their report. She claimed that locating a university in Everett will keep educated people from moving out of Everett, thus helping to attract more high-tech businesses. It sounds to me like someone's "vision" comes straight out of SimCity 4.

So how are all these synergistic visions going to be paid for?
The main obstacle to making the vision a reality is money, the mayor said. Much of the money could come from the federal and state governments, he said.
That's right, I the mayor has his way, citizens across the state, and even across the country will be reaching into their pockets to fund Everett's vision. Super!

So, let's take a look at this formula:
  1. Pay a bunch of people to play SimCity 4, and write a "vision" report on it.
  2. Explain that the city doesn't have the cash to implement the vision.
  3. Get state and federal money for the vision.
  4. Profit!
I think this whole "vision team" thing might just catch on.

Source: Everett Herald
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