Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Farewell to the Year of the Monkey

Farewell Monkey, we will miss you!Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, which means that today is the last day in the Year of the Monkey. Aside from the obvious fact that monkeys are comedic gold, the passing of the Year of the Monkey has personal significance for me, since I was born in such a year. For those of you math whizzes out there, that means my current age is some multiple of 12.

Here are a few ideas of ways to make this last day of the Monkey as special as possible:
  • Eat lots of bananas, at least 3 dozen.
  • Severely slouch and crawl around using your hands.
  • Screech wildly at passing strangers.
  • Climb a tree and swing from branch to branch.
  • When anyone gets close enough, throw your po—well, maybe not.
Farewell Monkey, we will miss you. Make haste for 2016!

Source: Scotland Online
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