Saturday, February 19, 2005

An Interesting Social Experiment

Honesty RosesI don't really have anything terribly amusing to say about this, I just thought it was interesting and weird enough to share here. I was downtown today, and as I was walking along the piers with my unidentified associates, we spotted these "Honesty Roses." As you can see in the picture, this consisted of a vase of roses under a sign announcing that they were for sale at the price of $1.00 each. Next to the vase was a jar labeled "Money," which contained roughly between $3 and $7 in $1 bills. This setup was placed on the edge of the sidewalk furthest from the curb, and was completely unattended.

Obviously, this was quite an unexpected and curious thing to see. Perhaps for those who frequent the waterfront neighborhood, Honesty Roses are commonplace, but for a group that dwells on the outskirts of the city, this was just plain strange.

My theory is that a student at one of the local universities was performing some sort of social experiment for a sociology class. I looked all around and couldn't spot anyone nearby watching these "Honesty Roses," but I think there was probably someone watching from a distance.

In either case, since we didn't see anyone nearby watching, we did what came naturally. That is to say, we put a buck in the jar, and took a rose, which is now sitting in a vase on a counter at home.

I can only hope that now one of my major life goals will be realized: To be anonymously mentioned in an undergraduate sociology paper.
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Anonymous Michael said...

Huh, I would assume that the natural instinct would be to take the roses AND the money. But then again... I'm just a cynic.

1:28 AM, November 20, 2005  

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