Thursday, February 10, 2005

Local Student Really Wants a Free iPod. Really Badly.

Will Link for iPodAfter discovering two months ago, local college student Andrew McPeters spends an average of two hours a day trolling internet message boards and chat rooms for coveted referrals. is a site where unwitting users sign up "for free" and are lured into completing "offers" with the promise of a free iPod, the hip portable digital music player. After joining, victims users are cajoled into "referring" friends, family, and complete strangers, at least five of which must sign up and complete an offer of their own before a free iPod will be sent.

Though McPeters has only two referrals to show for a total of more than 120 hours of online panhandling, he insists it will all be "totally worth it" when he gets his free iPod. When his roommate (who has not signed up) pointed out that he could have made over $600 at even a minimum wage job by now--more than enough to buy an iPod--McPeters' responded that he didn't want to be "a slave to 'the man.'"

"With such amazing offers as the Columbia House DVD club, free botox trial, and USA Today subscriptions, there's an offer for everybody" exclaimed McPeters. His favorite methods of begging for referrals include placing his link in his Slashdot signature, his email signature, his Fark posts, and three dozen usenet groups and internet forums that he frequents.

With the advent of a dozen more sites, McPeters is finding it harder to keep his focus. "When appeared, I was tempted to sign up. was even harder to resist. But I'm keeping my resolve. I'll get around to those sites once I get my free iPod." McPeters looks forward to the summer, when he believes he will finally have the time to put in "some real effort."

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