Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Menacing Clouds Spotted in Snohomish County

Menacing Clouds--Detail
Menacing Clouds
Meteorologists Wednesday released these photographs of a menacing cloud formation that had formed in the skies above south Snohomish County. Curiously darker than the surrounding billows, these mysterious wisps seem to be gathering for some foul purpose. While they could summon no scientific explanation for the phenomenon, this did not stop weather experts from speculating wildly as to the origin or purpose of the formation.

Potential explanations run the range from planetary alignment to political tension to migratory bird patterns. In fact, no two meteorologists seemed to agree on the nature of the puzzling mists.

Local community college meteorology professor Rufus Spelling believes that the clouds are nothing more than natural coincidence.
If there were a gathering evil, I would know about it. This is just a random combination of water, sky, and light. Nothing evil is at hand...yet.
Professor Spelling refused to elucidate his ominous comments further. When pressed, he drew his dark cloak over his face and scuffled into the shadows of the forest. Other experts on cloud formation were more forthcoming, but also much more boring.

Both Kurt Wagner and Sauron were unavailable for comment.
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