Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Minor Harbinger of Unscheduled Destruction

The following timeline is 100% true:The evidence practically speaks for itself, but in case you can't hear what it is saying, I'll spell it out for you. I, Skor Grimm, am a Minor Harbinger of Unscheduled Destruction. More specifically, it seems that roughly every other year (hense the 'minor' part), some unscheduled disaster strikes at or near a place that I have been, anywhere between a few days and a few months after I have been there.

unscheduled destructionSure, it started off insignificantly enough, with a totalled car. However, with the very next manifestation of this disturbing power, an entire car ferry and dock were demolished! You may think that associating the Nisqually earthquake with this phenomenon is a bit of a stretch, but how else can you explain the location that my car broke down? Hmm?

I know it's hard to believe, I could barely believe it myself. But when I heard about the destruction of Ivar's in Mukilteo, I finally connected the dots. The only question now is, what is coming next? It's another odd-numbered year, so it's about time for some unscheduled destruction... but where? If only I could focus my harbinger powers more acutely, I would at least be able to warn people of the impending obliteration.

Let this post be a warning to you, that you beware the visit of Skor and the slight chance of following ruin.
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Blogger LotharBot said...

You're not allowed to visit me this year... at least not until after your aforementioned disaster strikes.

1:24 PM, February 09, 2005  
Blogger christmasghost said...

skor....just a suggestion here...but maybe you should go and visit olympia.

6:19 PM, February 09, 2005  
Blogger Iguana said...

Skor, dude, keep you schedule posted on your blog so we can all check it daily while planning our own schedules.

In particular, if you are taking any flights, please inform us.

1:48 AM, February 10, 2005  
Blogger Skor Grimm said...

christmasghost, Now that is a fine idea!

Iguana, I'm not sure that checking my daily schedule would help much, since destruction seems to strike days or even months after I visit a place.

I'm definitely liking the Olympia idea though. *evil grin*

11:21 AM, February 10, 2005  

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