Thursday, February 24, 2005

My mouth is watering.

Yeah, you read that right. Salmon sausage. Salmon breakfast sausage, actually. I can already hear the drool dripping off your chin and onto the desk. Wipe it up and keep reading.
This is not actually the salmon sausage.Fred West, president of Sea Products, aims to appeal to consumers' health interest with a salmon-sausage patty made to taste like a pork-sausage patty.
Now he has embarked on a mission to show Americans they can eat omega-3 rich salmon sausage for breakfast.
Okay, I'm all about sausage, but what in the heck is an omega-3? At any rate, I can't imagine why this fine businessman would be having such a hard time selling his delightful product. It seems as though the formula ought to be: Salmon + sausage + pork taste + mystery spices = license to print money. And yet:
It has not been an easy road. At first he had to beg distributors to taste his sausages.

"It was a tough sell and still is a tough sell," he said
Who can predict the fickle tastes of the American Consumer™.

Source: Seattle Times
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