Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The New England PATRIOTs

John Kerry / Patriots logoConsider these facts:
  • President that signed the USA PATRIOT Act into law: George Bush
  • USA PATRIOT Act passed: October 2001.
  • Super Bowls won since 10/01 by the New England Patriots: 3 out of 4.
  • Political figure most closely resembled by the Patriots' logo: John Kerry
  • New England Patriots' home state: Massachusetts
  • John Kerry's home state: Massachusetts
Taken as a whole, these facts paint a disturbing picture of... um... something. Is Karl Rove manipulating the outcome of the biggest sporting event in the country in order to stir up flag-waving jingoism among the American public? Or is John Kerry pulling strings with his rich buddies to ensure that his face stays in the public consciousness? Clearly there is something sinister going on here, but this reporter is at a loss to explain it.

Or maybe it's all just a coincidence. No, that's probably not it. I think this is a job for Football Fans for Truth. I think I'll forward them this troubling information.
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