Thursday, February 10, 2005

Residents Tire of Divisiveness, Form New Town

With states, counties, cities, and towns all across the country more divided than ever, one local group of residents is taking a stand. In a non-confrontational blow against divisiveness, a group of citizens have joined together to form a new town. Tired of the constant spotlight on controversial issues, residents from dozens of Puget Sound locales wanted to highlight unity. The best way to do this, they decided, was to form a new town, completely devoid of divisiveness. The name of their new town: Unity.

Location of UnityNestled in eastern King County between the towns of Duvall and Carnation, the fledgling village is definitely taking a different approach to township. Residents agreed that government of any form is too divisive an issue, so Unity has no mayor, nor does it have any form of town government at all. All houses in Unity are decorated in neutral colors, as are the streets, businesses, and public places. There are also no statues, paintings, monuments, or art of any kind.

"I'm just so excited to finally be living in a place where I can enjoy a peaceful, provocation-free day" commented resident P. Jane. Many common sources of division are absent in Unity, such as churches, theaters, bars, and homeless shelters, and that is just the way residents like P. Jane prefer it. "Constant controversy just isn't good for my Chi," she explains, "differing opinions should be stifled, not articulated."

Common recreational activities in Unity include staring at Lava Lamps™ for hours at a time, and singing "We Are The World" while joining hands and walking around the town's centerpiece, a grassy patch of ground. With a current population of around one hundred and fifty, Unity residents see great potential for non-divisive growth in the future. Resident John D. explains: "With all the talk of 'controversy this' and 'divisive that' everywhere, people are mentally worn out, and want a place where they can go to avoid having to exercise their capacity for higher reasoning. We think Unity is that place. Or maybe we don't. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself."

Source: Seattle Times
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