Monday, February 07, 2005

Spokespersons Spoke About Cars

Coming soon to a dealership near you: Cleaner cars that save you money! At least, that's what proponents of new, stricter emissions standards in Washington will have you believe. According to Lisa Andrews, a spokeswoman and supporter of the bill, who has never designed a car and probably couldn't change her own oil; "these cars save people more money on fuel savings then they cost for the additional pollution control."

Eron Shosteck, opposing spokesman, who represents people who do design cars and change their own oil retorted: "With all due respect, those calculations are not made by auto engineers." A pertinent observation, however Mr. Shosteck declined to stop while he was ahead. He went on to declare that lower-income people may not be able to buy the new cars, further contributing to pollution by keeping an older car that produces higher emissions. Um, newsflash Mr. Schosteck: "lower-income people" don't buy new cars anyway.

The tree-hugging spokeswoman went on to say: "It's technology that's already on the road. It's common-sense stuff." Hmm. If it's already on the road, and it's common sense stuff, why then do they need to pass a law for it? Something doesn't seem to add up... Gearhead wannabe spokesman countered that "autos today are 99 percent cleaner than they were in the 1970s," conveniently leaving out the detail that the main reason cars today are 99 percent cleaner is thanks to laws forcing automakers to clean up their act.

Clearly neither side has a monopoly on meaningless rhetoric. One way or another, Skor envisions a future where people stop lugging around giant boat-cars when all they have to do is transport one or two people. More on this later.

Source: Seattle Times
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