Friday, February 18, 2005

Talk Radio Substitute Talks Crazy

So, I was listening to KVI yesterday on my way home from work, where John Gibson has been sitting in for John Carlson in the 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM time slot. As I listened, I started to wonder if maybe Mr. Gibson would be a better choice for filling in the after 9:00 slot, when Coast to Coast AM is heard. No, I'm not talking about the trouble he intentionally stirred over the governor's race. He was (finally) on a different topic yesterday. Here is my paraphrase of the argument that I heard Gibson making:
flying frogFrance is an evil, "predatory country." Airbus (a French company) is trying to get a contract to make tankers for the US military. This means that France, a predatory country by the way, is using Airbus to try to gain control over the US military. This is their sole motivation for attempting to get this contract. If they get the contract, they will outsource the building of these planes into the USA, but this is bad. If they (France) don't like something our military is doing, they will just decide to stop supplying parts to the tankers. We should under no circumstances allow France to make our planes. We should go with Boeing, no matter what. Oh, by the way, we're at war with France and nobody knows it. Did I mention that they're a predatory country?
I kid you not, that is essentially the train of thought he presented yesterday. Usually you'll see me mocking liberals on this blog, but I'm an equal opportunity mocker. When a conservative says something as nutty as this, they're fair game. Now, somewhat in his defense, Mr. Gibson did say that he "concoct[s] an outrageous opinion" in order to generate interesting calls, but still, come on.

I'm totally with him at the start. Hate France, check. But then he just seems to go off the deep end. Sure, Airbus is a French company, but do you think, John, that just maybe the reason they're bidding on the contract is to, oh I don't know, make money? And seriously John, I heard you the first dozen times you used the phrase "predatory country." I get it.

I may not want some French company to be making our military's refueling tankers, but I don't have to fabricate some crazy frog conspiracy to support that. It's way easier than that to justify. He could have stopped with "France is evil." Sure, I come up with some crazy conspiracy theories, but at least mine are presented purely in jest. KVI, if you're listening, stick with Larry Elder when Carlson goes on vacation next time.
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