Sunday, March 20, 2005

About a Driver

Lots of people really need to drive a truck this big.There are many mean things that could be said about the driver I encountered this morning, and if I were the type of person to say mean things about people, I would probably say them. I would tell you that this person displayed all the finer character qualities of an inconsiderate pig, zipping along past an elementary school at an unsafe speed and weaving through the lanes never once bothering with any of that stupid "turn signal" nonsense that hinders so many other drivers. I would relate to you what a wasteful fool they are, for driving one of the biggest pickup trucks available, with the four wheels on the rear axis and the multiple giant exhaust pipes. I would tell you how obvious it was, with its perfect paint and overall pristine condition that this truck is rarely (if ever) used for any real work.

Yes, there would be nearly no end to the mean (yet truthful) things that I could say about this person, if I were the kind of person to say those kind of things.

There is one mean thing though, that I could not say about them, even if I were the type of person inclined to say such things. I could not say that they were dishonest. No, with a custom license plate that reads "4MYEGO", this person definitely did not have a problem with honesty. They may be an inconsiderate, wasteful, foolish pig, but at least they're honest about it.

It's... um... refreshing to see such honesty. Or something.
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