Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Parade of Stupidity

When people do stupid things, often times I take a moment here on this blog to mock them. This is one of those times.

Stupid Mistake #1
Stupid!Waiting as long as possible to fill up the gas tank. I'm sure that on the way to work, when the needle first reached the lowest mark, It probably became clear that filling up sooner rather than later would be a good plan. But that just didn't happen...

Stupid Mistake #2
Driving 6 miles from home to fill up the car with gas, only to arrive and realize that the key to the locking gas cap is still at home. And no, those caps aren't particularly easy to get open without the key. They work just as advertised.

Result of Stupid Mistakes 1 & 2
Running out of gas, three blocks from home. Walking home, getting the keys and a 1-gallon gas tank. Riding bicycle to the gas station, then to the car. Surely an amusing sight, someone on a bicycle filling up at a gas station.

Stupid Mistake #3
Leaving the gas cap off after putting in the gallon of gas. Driving the two blocks to the gas station without realizing this.

Stupid Mistake #4
Using the Safeway Club Card to pay for both the 1 gallon and the full fill-up of gas. Now Safeway has a permanent record of this stupidity in their database.

Result of Stupid Mistake 4
Oh well, as long as Safeway knows, the entire Internet may as well know too. In case you haven't realized this yet, all of these stupid mistakes were committed last night, and they were committed by yours truly.

Skor Grimm is an equal mock-ortunity blogger.
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