Monday, March 28, 2005

Popular Easter Movie

Guaranteed in stock!Holy crap am I busy today. But never fear, I still have something to share.

During my visit to the local video rental outlet this weekend, I made a couple of interesting discoveries.
  • Fat Albert is "Guaranteed in stock."
  • To back this up, roughly 24 square feet of shelf space is dedicated to this film.
  • Fat Albert must be quite the popular Easter movie, because as you can see below, nearly every copy is checked out. (The boxes on the shelf are nearly all labeled "Display Box Only".)
Having not seen this movie, clearly I am not in a position to postulate on how it might possibly relate to a celebration of the risen Lord, or even to egg-laying rabbits and marshmallow chicken babies. This certainly is a strange sight, though.

These observations raise some interesting questions. Is Fat Albert really that popular of a rental that is must be "Guaranteed in stock"? Are all those copies really checked out, or are the employees of the video rental outlet simply hiding their massive stock in shame, to make it appear that the vast amount of shelf space given this movie is justified? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Well, maybe that last question doesn't really relate, but you can see that this situation certainly requires more investigation. Too bad I'm too dang lazy to actually do any investigating. I guess we'll never find those answers. Oh well.

Oooh, hey! It's time for Oprah. Catch you later.
Uh-oh!  Almost out of stock!

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