Saturday, March 05, 2005

Wait, where am I?

You are here.  Wait, where?You really have to click on the picture at left to get the full effect of what I'm about to talk about. So, go ahead and do that, then come back and read what I've got to say. It's okay. I'll wait.
Okay, have you looked at it? Good. Maybe you noticed the same thing that I did. No, I'm not talking about the mildly amusing placement of the "Bedding" section right next to the "Infants & Toddlers" section*. I'm talking about the placement of the "You are here." bit at the top, and the complete lack of any information in the map below as to where, exactly, "here" is. Although the map itself could be useful, I find the statement that I am "here" to be rather pointless. While technically correct, the information that "You are here." is utterly useless to me. And no, if you're wondering, I did not modify this picture, except to correct the colors.

DO NOT ENTER / Enter OnlyIn fact, this is not the first "retarded sign" offense by the particular store where this sign was, achem, spotted. On the right we have another fine example of similar signage genius. I swear I didn't doctor this picture either, and I didn't crop out any other useful information. You can probably go down to your local red-and-white concentric circles discount retail outlet and see the same thing on the inside of their front doors.
Enter Only
Yeah, I'll... um... get right on that.

I would like to notify all of my readers that the current day is today, and I would also like to ask you all to tell your friends about how great Skor Grimm's site is. NEVER DO THIS. DO IT NOW!

*It's funny because when people do that thing they do in bed, pretty soon they have an infant. Get it? Hee-hee.
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Blogger DaButtminster said...

Regarding your shameless wishlist:

I have this strange feeling that you
a) Do not own a Nintendo DS
b) Would not buy the XX/XY game if you did
c) Could borrow my ergonomic chair any time you want, since I'm not using it right now. (Not that you know who I am)

2:41 PM, March 07, 2005  
Blogger LotharBot said...

hey cool, you added me to your links! Now my plans for world domination are that much closer to fruition.

9:24 PM, March 07, 2005  

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