Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Breaking News: People Express Mixed Opinions On Recent Occurrence.

Who could this possibly be depicting?Lacking any real news to report, local newspapers and television newscasts today fell back on a tried-and-true tactic: reporting on people's reactions to recent reports. Interviewing people at nearby bars, schools, and churches, news outlets strived to put a "local angle" on the recent event. Invariably, television viewers tuned in and readers picked up the paper, eager to find out how the recent big news would affect their lives.

Even the ever-witty local political cartoonists jumped at the opportunity to lambaste not only the event in question, but also the local reaction to it, using their usual irreverent style. Each believing their drawings to be unique and insightful, they sketched away like mad, eventually producing an illustration that satisfied them as being both scathing and marginally amusing.

Just like they always do, the public happily consumed these reports of their peers' reactions, nodding in understanding, whether they really understood the situation or not.

Barring any other headline-grabbing worldwide or national news, the coming weeks are expected to bring reports of local reaction to the reports of local reactions.
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