Thursday, April 07, 2005

Follow-Up: (Hopefully) Funny Advertising

Woe is SkorSome of you may recall approximately one month ago, when this blog embarked on a bold new experimental partnership with Google Adsense in an attempt to expand the horizon of amusing material offered here. Today, that experiment has come to a tragically unfunny end. As it turns out, Google's algorithm for determining what ad content to display apparently doesn't have a sense of humor. All that was ever really displayed on here were ads for blog-related services, ring tones, t-shirts, and a handful of other generally boring, unfunny stuff.

Unfortunately, Google's Adsense policies prevent me from discussing the details of [censored] with anyone, so I can't share the most interesting [censored]. If I tried to tell you how much [censored] I [censored] by [censored]ing my [censored], I would probably be in violation of [censored]. So, even though there were some interesting and amusing details in the [censored], I'll have to keep my readers in the dark, for fear of [censored].

As a consolation to my readers and myself, I present the image above, which is both perplexing and saddening. You really should view the larger version to get the full effect. Woe.
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