Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Groups Battle Over Acronym Rights

NWSDA bitter, decade-long dispute between Northwest Sports Divers (NWSD) and Northwest Solid Disposition (NWSD) over acronym-ing rights came to a head Wednesday. What began as a simple conflict of initials has now resulted in a spectacular verbal explosion, where the leaders of both organizations spewed forth a nearly unending torrent of vicious attacks directed at the opposing group.

Green Coral, president of Northwest Sports Divers squared off against Ben Juley, arbiter of Northwest Solid Disposition for five solid hours, without even taking a break to eat. The dialogue was so acrimonious that it brought many of the reporters on the scene to tears.

A partial transcript of the verbal dispute follows:
Coral: We were using the letters first! You must give them up!

Juley: I'll give up NWSD when you pry the letters from my cold, dead hands.

Coral: Look, we're the second result on Google for NWSD. The battle is already over. The letters are de facto ours!

Juley: Ooohh!!! Look at me! I'm a diver and I've got a fancy website!

Coral: What is "solid disposition," anyway? It doesn't make any sense!

Juley: We serve a very important function. A lot more important than diving, that's for sure.

Coral: I don't think you even exist! I think you are a made-up organization, which exists just to get a laugh!

Juley: That's preposterous.
It is unknown whether NWSD will ever come to a mutual agreement with NWSD, but at this time, peace in the Middle East would probably be a better wager.
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Blogger LotharBot said...

Neither Will Settle the Dispute.

1:57 PM, April 13, 2005  

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