Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Messing With Traffic

Starbucks is EVIL!Another day, another study confirming what I've known all along: Starbucks is evil. This time some gal has statistically proven that they're at fault for morning rush hour traffic. Sounds good to me. That is to say, it sounds bad to me, but it is good that more people are coming around to acknowledging the truth.

Among the interesting revelations in this particular article:
  • 70,000 households in America keep detailed, daily records of where they're going, how far it is, and why--every time anyone leaves the house.
  • Old guys like to stop for coffee and bagels on the way in to work.
  • Starbucks openly admits that placing two coffee shops across the street from one another is a part of their business plan.
As you can plainly see, these facts add up to one unavoidable conclusion: Starbucks is evil.

In closing, I would like to take a moment to neither confirm nor deny that this post was simply a poor excuse to doctor up an evil version of the Starbucks logo.

Source: Seattle Times
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