Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Project CRAP: Week 14 Report

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Box size: 15" wide by 11" tall by 9" deep.
Total Weight of CRAP: 10.50 lbs
Depth of CRAP: 4 1/3"
New Pieces of CRAP: 14
Total Pieces of CRAP: 168
LowLight of the Week: What a bunch of filthy liars. Seriously, here's a pop quiz: How do you get away with using an all-inclusive phrase like "any one" when it is entirely untrue? Just put an asterisk at the end! See, because it's totally legal to lie, as long as you mark your lies with a *. In this case, "ANY ONE OF OUR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ITEMS.*" means "Any item that isn't a popular brand like Dyson, Krups, Tempur-pedic, Oreck, etc..." What a deal! I think I'll head down to Bed Bath & Beyond RIGHT NOW!
LowLight of Week 14: Bed Bath & Beyond
Click for a larger version of this week's winner.

Comments: Here's a list of the filthy names that Skor was called by the CRAP this week: "Resident," "Our Neighbor," "David I Quinnell," "Resident," & "Prospective Home Buyer." You know, if Skor was just really bored, he would go through the entire CRAP box and keep track of all of these names for the whole year. Maybe even put them into a pie chart or something. Mmm... pie.
CRAP Box at 14 Weeks

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