Thursday, May 05, 2005

CNN: Runaway Fails to Apologize to Imaginary Kidnappers

Although the link will likely be dead a week from today, for the time being anyone who reads this story at CNN can find out all about what Jennifer Wilbanks, that runaway bride chick, is and is not apologizing for. Part of CNN's reporting that Skor found particularly interesting was the following:
While she apologized to her family, friends, community and "others I may have offended unintentionally," she did not specifically address the Hispanic man and white woman she made up as kidnappers in the story she first told authorities.
Yes that's right. She apologized to her friends, family, and community, but she failed to even address her imaginary kidnappers. Well, since she appears to have mental issues, I suppose we can forgive her this once. But I hope she eventually comes to realize the deep hurt and emotional pain that she has caused the non-existent "Hispanic man and white woman," and offers them the apology they truly deserve.


In other news, Newsweek published a two-page, thousand-plus-word article on Wednesday about Starbucks' refusal to sell Bruce Springsteen's latest album. Thrilling, relevant, and informative—now that's what I call twenty-first century reporting.

Source: CNN
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