Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Project CRAP: Week 20 Report

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Box size: 15" wide by 11" tall by 9" deep.
Total Weight of CRAP: 15.55 lbs
Depth of CRAP: 6 1/4"
New Pieces of CRAP: 13
Total Pieces of CRAP: 244
LowLight of the Week: Who knew that a cheesy black and white postcard with a Carlsbad Caverns stamp would so greatly influence someone to buy a house. It's true, who could resist the tempting lure of "EIGHT EXCELLENT REASONS TO BUY A HOME"? Certainly not Skor. Number eight there is especially convincing: "You will feel empowered because you are a HOMEOWNER." Yeah! Who doesn't want to feel empowered? It's time to go call M____ H_______ and buy a house.
LowLight of Week 20: M____ H_______ - Century 21
Click for a larger version of this week's winner.

Comments: Much like the plants outside, the CRAP in Skor's mailbox seems to have become generally more colorful as of late, aside from the LowLights of the past two weeks, that is. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that the CRAP will be blooming into beautiful and aromatic flowers. On the other hand, at least it won't be attracting bees, either. Well, we haven't tried putting the CRAP box outside, so that isn't really definitive. Wait, what were we talking about?
CRAP Box at 20 Weeks
Update (06.06.2005): Skor was contacted by M____ H_______, who seemed to be personally offended that her mailing was featured as this week's LowLight, and requested that the documentation of her mailing be removed. Ms. H_______ was sent a respectful email in reply, explaining the purpose of Project CRAP and making it clear that Skor has nothing against her personally or professionally. The above comments are only about the postcard which arrived in Skor's mailbox, which falls under the definition of CRAP, and will therefore not be removed from this report.

Update 2 (06.06.2005): Ms. H_______ replied to Skor's email, and was still quite upset about the whole matter. She accused Skor of making "disparaging and just plain mean" remarks about her personally and professionally, as well as being "hurtful and hateful." Skor flatly denies these claims, and as a gesture of good will has removed references to Ms. H_______'s name, and blurred her picture in the postcard she sent to Skor. Skor is fully within his rights to post and comment on anything and everything that arrives in his mailbox unsolicited, but the purpose of Project CRAP is to highlight waste and silliness, not to cause personal hurt. As such, Skor hopes that this reasonable compromise will be satisfactory to Ms. H_______.

Update 3 (06.06.2005): In spite of Skor's efforts to work with Ms. H_______ toward a reasonable solution, she is still dissatisfied. So much so, in fact, that she has now threatened Skor with legal action. Skor believes that he has been reasonable and fair in this matter, and is 100% within his legal and moral right to leave things as they are now. Skor sincerely wishes Ms. H_______ all the best in her pursuits, and hopes that everyone can put this matter behind them.

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