Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Quick Evening Post

From a mostly boring article in this morning's Seattle Times:
These Americans [the really rich ones] employ about 9,000 personal chefs, up from about 400 10 years ago, according to the American Personal Chef Association. They are taking exotic vacations, often in private planes. They visit plastic surgeons and dermatologists for costly and frequent cosmetic procedures. And they are sending their children to $400-an-hour math tutors, summer camps at French chateaux and crash courses on managing money.
Wait... $400-an-hour math tutors? $400-an-hour?!? Reading this article has caused me to realize two things:
  • There are plenty of really rich people here in Seattle.
  • I'm in the wrong field.
Yes, let's see... I could work just 10 hours a week, take 4 weeks of vacation a year, and still make nearly four times my current wages... I may have to revise my Memorial Day weekend plans.

Source: Seattle Times
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