Thursday, May 26, 2005

STOP Your Bickering!

STOP BICKERINGSometimes it seems like people are almost looking for an excuse to get upset. Take for instance a STOP sign. Seems like an innocent traffic control device, until you put one up where a popular paved path crosses a driveway, when it becomes a TERRIBLE INSTRUMENT OF DOOM! Okay, maybe I exaggerate. Read this article and judge for yourself. Or forget the article and just read the rest of this post where I continue to mercilessly mock those involved in the conflict.

So, here's the basic summary of the head-butting going on right now in Lake Forest Park:
  • Burke-Gilman trail has stop signs where it crosses over people's driveways.
  • Bicyclists commonly ignore said stop signs, and want them removed.
  • Homeowners want the stop signs to stay, so they can run over a bicyclist and not be liable.
  • Oh yeah, and there is talk of widening the trail to improve safety.
Clearly these are irreconcilable differences, which can only be solved in one way: Bicycle jousting. It's only fair. The winner of the bicycle joust tournament will decide the fate of the stop signs. That would be a much better solution than what they are doing anyway, which is political jockeying and a bunch of junk that bores the ever-lovin' poop out of anyone with half a brain.

Give it a rest, you guys. It's just a stop sign.

Source: Seattle P-I
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