Friday, June 24, 2005

NASCAR Paints a Rosy Picture

NASCAR is beautiful, isn't it?
Are you still bummed that NASCAR in Marysville didn't quite work out? Well fear not, because the glorious economic savior that is NASCAR may now be headed for Bremerton! Yes, none of the problems of the Marysville proposal have really been worked out, but now they've got this spiffy "artist's rendering" to convince any naysayers.

Yes, everything is coming up roses in Bremerton. What's that you say? The track will cost $200 million or more to build? Never mind that. This track could generate $100 million dollars per year! That's big money, you know. Big enough money to ignore the impending traffic nightmare that would be generated trying to get 80,000 people, in fact, forget I said anything about traffic.

Take a look at this guy, Earl Sande. He thinks the track is a great idea! So should you! Sure, Mr. Sande would be in an excellent position to sell his land to a developer for an insane profit if the track gets built, but that's certainly not why he supports it. He only has the what's best for his local region in mind.

If you still aren't convinced that a NASCAR track in Bremerton will be the best thing since lava lamps, just take another look at the "artist’s rendering" above—and be converted.

Source: Tacoma News Tribune
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Blogger Nathan said...

Wow. With an artist's rendering like that, I bet everyone will be following the advice of local punk legends MxPx and moving to Bremerton.

11:44 AM, June 24, 2005  

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