Monday, June 20, 2005

Project CRAP: Week 24 Report

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Box size: 15" wide by 11" tall by 9" deep.
Total Weight of CRAP: 19.61 lbs
Depth of CRAP: 7 3/4"
New Pieces of CRAP: 14
Total Pieces of CRAP: 306
LowLight of the Week: This week's LowLight award goes to none other than the United States Postal Service itself! Not to be outdone in the very game that they facilitate, the USPS has gotten in on the action for the second week in a row. This week they were advertising some sort of Post Office ATM that dispenses magic. For posterity, last week's mailing has also been included, where they promise that a magic fairy will bring stamps to your door.
LowLight of Week 24: The United States Postal Service
Click for a larger version of this week's winner.

Comments: Although AOL laid dormant* for the first fourteen weeks of the year, they have now managed to get two CDs into Skor's mailbox during the past ten weeks. In fact, it was the AOL CD alone that pushed the weight of this week's total CRAP intake above one pound. One wonders what the total mass would be if you added up all the AOL CDs that are sent out each day. Skor thinks that number would be mind-bogglingly huge. What would the workers of all the CD factories do if AOL just decided one day to stop sending out CDs? Yeah, right... like that would ever happen. That was a good laugh.

*MS Word seems to think that should read "lay dormant." Are there any grammar whizzes out there that wish to set Skor straight on this matter?
CRAP Box at 24 Weeks

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Anonymous Kiddo said...

I tend to get a lot of junk mail regarding joining the National Guard, The Army, The Navy, and The Marines.

I just want them to leave me alone. Sometimes I wish there was a "Return To Sender" thing for junk mail.

11:29 PM, June 20, 2005  
Anonymous Kiddo said...

Oh, and about the grammar thing. I think that if you want it to be past tense, you would say "had lay dormant", but I could be wrong.

7:57 AM, June 21, 2005  
Blogger Nathan said...

MS word is correct, thought its an understandable mistake.

The verb "lie" means to recline, stay or rest. The past tense of lie is lay.

The verb "lay" means to put or place something somewhere. The past tense of lay is laid.

Since you're talking about something (i.e. AOL) existing in a state of rest, you want the verb "lie", and since you're using the past tense the phrase would be "lay dormant".

9:39 AM, June 21, 2005  
Anonymous lifeofbrian said...

How can I donate to the cause of CRAP?

1:26 PM, June 22, 2005  
Blogger Skor Grimm said...

Thanks for the grammar advice, Kiddo & Nathan.

lifeofbrian, Skor is not sure what you mean by "donate to the cause of CRAP." Would you care to elaborate on that thought? Also, a belated congrats on your engagement.

1:34 PM, June 22, 2005  

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